Introducing our Advisors—Margeret Hall and Abby Kearns

Advisors are an important part to the success of any startup company and here at Mooqita, we are confident in the expertise of our advising team. We are excited to introduce our two new advisors—Abby Kearns and Margeret Hall. Abby joins our team as not only a valued advisor, but also a SkyDeck mentor. With almost 20 years of experience working in the tech world, she brings to the table an esteemed amount of knowledge and expertise.

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Mooqita Welcomes New Team Members

Meet Anna and Celina - our new interns Mooqita would like to introduce and welcome two new interns to be a part of the Mooqita team this summer. In the past month, Mooqita joined forces with Valleyworx in the Central Valley to find great interns. ValleyWorx is a tech and digital design coworking space in Modesto California that attracts and deems to grow local talent as well as the local tech community in the valley.

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