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Mooqita for Companies

Find the just-right talents to improve your team and get the job done.

Through our unique method we help you pre-screen talent and match candidates with their future team.

  • You tell us what your talent needs are.
  • We help you find the right challenges.
  • You start intervieing pre-screened talents.
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    Mooqita for Learners

    Resume-free hiring: Prove your skill, build your portfolio, get hired by a team you like

    • Solve interesting real-world challenges
    • Build you portfolio
    • Get in touch with potential employers

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    Mooqita for Educators

    Improve Your Courses, Include Applied Tasks, Connect with Organizations

    Mooqita augments existing courses with real-world tasks that present challenges that truly matter to organizations.

    • Tasks are matched to your courses
    • You can help improve the matchmaking
    • Your students gain micro-certificates, compensation, and connections to potential employers

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    An illustrations showing the workflow for Mooqita Educators


    We have worked with many organizations, students, and educators and we always like to hear they come out from the cooperation happy and satisfied. Have a look what they said about us.

    Flexible Platform

    The Mooqita platform works in conjunction with any existing online or offline courses. Simply contact us and we can register you as an early adopter educator to associate tasks with your course.

    Trusted Certificates

    Learners get certified by us and by the organizations that provide tasks. Educators get certified for facilitating practical learning. Organizations get certified for their outreach.

    Global Outreach

    Mooqita reaches educators and learners around the globe. Organizations get in touch with a broad talent pool while learners get direct connections to international organizations.

    Creative Solutions

    Tasks that are hosted on Mooqita and integrate with our courses receive multiple solutions from our diverse student bodies and are peer-reviewed for quality control. This results in creative solutions that are often ‘outside of the box’ of the culture of an organization.

    Blockchain Technology

    Our research team aims to persist transactions and certificates through blockchain technology to create undeniable and trusted verfification, creating records that can not be lost or fall victim to fraud.

    Task Matching

    Mooqita offers efficient and easy to use interfaces that allow organizations and eductors to match tasks with given courses and learners. Smart technologies are being developed to support automated matchmaking.

    Peek behind the scenes and take a look at our research

    As a highly innovative endeavor, Mooqita is continuously involved with cutting-edge research through the non-profit Mooqita.org.

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    From our Blog

    Mooqita develops a platform for bringing working and learning together. We combine elements from online education systems with the ideas behind crowdsourcing and human-computation. As such we are both a charitable business and a research project. In our blog, we regularly provide updates on our progress with tackling our moonshot challenges.

    Another Round at SkyDeck

    By Anna Kovneva on 2018 June 25

    Mooqita at Skydeck The Mooqita team is excited to take part in another round as a Hot Desk team at SkyDeck. SkyDeck is a UC Berkeley startup accelerator and incubator that was formed through the collaboration of the Haas School of Business, College of Engineering and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. Its office is located on the penthouse floor of the highest building in downtown Berkeley, and it encompasses a facility for collaboration within an open workspace.

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    Mooqita at CHI '18

    By Anna Kovneva on 2018 June 19

    Mooqita is happy to announce that our team’s case study submission was accepted and published at CHI 2018, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. CHI is the premier international conference on human-computer interaction that brings forth researchers and practitioners to discuss advances in interactive technology. This year the conference took place from April 21st – April 26st in Montréal Canada, and our Mooqita team members Markus Krause and Jan Smeddinck attended and represented the team.

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    Mooqita for Educators in Detail

    on 2017 September 26

    Mooqita is a platform that connects organizations, learners, and educators, creating meaningful learning experiences by solving real world work tasks. We help your learners to transfer the knowledge and skills you teach them into real world experience by enabling them to solve tasks that come from companies we work with. In the process, the students improve their soft skills by working on larger projects that can’t be solved alone, fostering team work, and communication in multicultural groups across different time zones.

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    First Successes

    on 2017 September 6

    We are conducting our first test run with the beta system and have some preliminary results. A total of 158 Students from the BerkeleyX Ruby online course on EdX accessed our website for the experiment. From 88 (~55%) of these students started the challenge, 14 (9%) submitted a solution, and 12 (8%) solutions were correct (solved the challenge), 6 (5%) Students submitted a solution for the second challenge and were invited for the paid group assignment.

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