Mooqita Welcomes New Team Members

By Anna Kovneva | 2018 July 5

Meet Anna and Celina - our new interns

Mooqita would like to introduce and welcome two new interns to be a part of the Mooqita team this summer. In the past month, Mooqita joined forces with Valleyworx in the Central Valley to find great interns. ValleyWorx is a tech and digital design coworking space in Modesto California that attracts and deems to grow local talent as well as the local tech community in the valley. It brings together both professionals in technical fields as well as students in order to collaborate on new topics, ideas and projects. Valleyworx also provides mentorship to students seeking to learn through an internship program on site. Our two new interns - Celina and Anna- are affiliated with the ValleyWorx program.

Anna and Celina, the new Mooqita interns.

Celina has been a part of Valleyworx for the past few months, and has worked closely with the design Internship team. Celina is a California State University, Fresno, graduate. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Graphic Design with a graphic design emphasis. Celina chose to pursue a degree in Graphic Design because she knew she had an interest in art, but didn’t necessarily want to pursue art itself but rather something art-like, like design. She considered interior design, but felt that graphic design was a better fit for her. With Celina’s great eye for design she will help with the aesthetic of Celina is excited to be a part of the Mooqita team, and sees this internship opportunity as a way to gain valuable work experience as well as a way to take part in an influential real world project. She anticipates to learn a lot working alongside the Mooqita team.

Anna has been a part of the Valleyworx internship program since April of this year, and has worked as part of the back-end developers team. At Mooqita, Anna will help with the social media activity as well as the upkeep of our blog. Anna is currently pursuing a bachelors in computer science at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She chose to major in computer science because she enjoys the challenges that computer science brings forth and understands the potential that technology has to offer. Anna is thrilled to take part in the Mooqita team because she stands behind the idea of Mooqita, and thinks it is a revolutionizing concept for a process that is long overdue for a change. Anna sees this internship opportunity as a way to develop new skills as well as the experience of working in startup environment alongside a dedicated team.