Introducing our Advisors—Margeret Hall and Abby Kearns

By Anna Kovneva | 2018 August 13

Advisors are an important part to the success of any startup company and here at Mooqita, we are confident in the expertise of our advising team. We are excited to introduce our two new advisors—Abby Kearns and Margeret Hall.
Abby joins our team as not only a valued advisor, but also a SkyDeck mentor. With almost 20 years of experience working in the tech world, she brings to the table an esteemed amount of knowledge and expertise. As the Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, one of the most influential open source cloud application platforms, Abby helms the ecosystem of developers, users and applications running on Cloud Foundry, and she works closely with the Board to drive the Foundation’s vision and growth.Her past experience includes working alongside the Product Management team at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and at Verizon where she led the Product Management and Product Marketing teams dedicated to cloud computing. The Cloud Foundry Foundation will also work with Mooqita to provide challenges for cloud computing courses. Margeret Hall brings a high range of valued expertise and knowledge to our team as well as she joins our team as a valued advisor. Margeret is an Assistant Professor of IT Innovation at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She has a PhD in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Social Computing that she obtained from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Within her research, Margeret investigates the integration of the digital lifestyle using a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. Margeret hopes to use the Mooqita approach in order to get job opportunities within the reach of homeless people that are in need of work. She deems to do this through the use of bringing forth the challenges Mooqita provides into the reach of them so they have an opportunity to learn and grow as everyone else does. We welcome our advisors, and are very excited to flourish, learn from, and grow with them!