Mooqita for Educators in Detail

2017 September 26

Mooqita is a platform that connects organizations, learners, and educators, creating meaningful learning experiences by solving real world work tasks.

We help your learners to transfer the knowledge and skills you teach them into real world experience by enabling them to solve tasks that come from companies we work with. In the process, the students improve their soft skills by working on larger projects that can’t be solved alone, fostering team work, and communication in multicultural groups across different time zones.

Mooqita for educators.

How it works

1. You allow us to add two extra optional challenges to your class curriculum by inserting a welcome text and a link to our platform.

By setting external links to our challenges you won’t need to worry about compliance issues with your institution. The challenges will be related to the material of your class. For example, a course on the Ruby programming language would be extended with advanced Ruby challenges. Our tasks are usually a little above the average skill level of the class. This way we find the most motivated students that love a challenge.

2. Through our interface students can solve the tasks, review each other’s work, and give feedback on the reviews.

This process gives us an impression how learners deal with critique, how well they can read task solutions that they have not written themselves, and how they communicate with others. The number of two tasks has proven to be the optimal amount, giving us enough insight but not adding too much to the students’ workload.

3. Students that have solved the two tasks are either directly connected to a company for an interview or can participate in a paid challenge that also comes from a company.

The paid project gives the students extra learning experiences. The project is guided by us or the company, and will introduce advanced project management techniques. Since our students come from across the globe, they also learn to communicate interculturally and across time zones. Learners that show outstanding leadership are invited to manage future Mooqita projects. All students who finish the paid task earn a monetary award and will be selected as potential hires for the organization.

What is your role?

All we ask is that you communicate the Mooqita challenges to your students by posting our welcome text and allow us to post links to the two challenges.

There are different ways to do this. If you trust us and have little time you can simply give us access to your online course website and we add the class ourselves and promote it in the announcements. Otherwise we would send you the material so you can add it to the course yourself and it stays under your full control. You are also invited to support us in finding the tasks that best match the content of your course based on what matters to our partner organizations.

Download educators flyer as PDF

The Mooqita tasks process in brief.