Mooqita for Organizations in Detail

2017 September 1

Mooqita is a platform that connects organizations, learners, and educators, creating meaningful learning experiences by solving real world work tasks.

We match your organization with capable and highly motivated learners by letting them solve tasks that are crucial in your day-to-day operations. This builds up a pool of tested potential hires for you. As another result of this process you help create relevant work experience for our learners in a field of their interest. The educators working with us come from high profile universities and institutions and use the real world tasks provided through us to enhance their students’ education.

The Mooqita tasks process in brief.

How it works

1. You name the field of expertise in which you are looking for fresh talents. We select a publicly accessible online class that fits your requirements.

Online classes with public access guarantee a high diversity among the students, opening the best opportunities to find hidden talents. MOOCS like those offered by UC Berkeley are of very high quality and are often attended by learners who live in remote locations and can’t afford the tuition of an institution of that caliber. These learners often combine talent, high motivation and interesting skill sets but due to their life circumstances they cannot access paid and certified top-tier higher education, barring them from getting in touch with potential top-tier employers.

2. Through our interface you add your own real world tasks or interview questions to the class.

A proven procedure is to add two exercise tasks to a class, usually something that you also might ask in an interview. The third task ideally is a paid task that you actually need solved. You pay a group of students the amount you would pay a single engineer and give them a little more time to solve it. Every task provided by you will be reviewed by us and - if necessary - adapted to the educational environment. If you prefer support with preparing a good task we will assist you or even provide tasks ourselves in collaboration with you.

3. The learners solve the tasks, write reviews and go through a feedback process. This provides a detailed picture of the learners, including and beyond their coding skills.

The tasks are embedded as optional additional exercises in a class. Students are not only required to solve the tasks themselves, they also compose peer reviews for their fellow learners and provide feedback on reviews they receive. This way we learn about crucial hard- and soft-skills, such as the learners’ ability to read and evaluate the code of others, how they communicate feedback and how they handle criticism.

Start to interview!

Receive our recommendations and information on the best candidates based on the performance on the tasks, make your picks and start to interview!

What kind of a task should we include?

Ideally the last task is a real task that you want solved and for which you compensate the learners.

If you are only looking for leads for interview candidates you may might skip this step. But not all students will be hired and for some a small amount already helps them to continue their education. You can give the students either a smaller task from your daily operations like you would give to a contractor. If you want you can also give them a bigger project, lend us one of your project managers and see how our learners deal with group work in a more challenging setting. This step requires the closest collaboration with us to ensure a timely start and finish of the project.

What are the costs?

  • Reliable communication: In order to make our method work we need a clearly designated individual responsible point of contact to address on your side who will respond to emails within a day.
  • Costs: To start a collaboration we ask an upfront fee per class. For every successful hire, we ask a fixed percentage of the first annual income as it appears in the final hiring offer. The details for fee and percentage are available upon request.
  • If you have special requirements, e.g. hiring contractors or hiring many people, or would like to discuss an annual fixed fee, please contact us via [email protected]

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The Mooqita tasks process in brief.